About Me

You can download my full resume or get to know a little more about me:

I was born in Tehran, Iran and lived there until I was six. Living in Iran really shaped my love for ornate handy work and drawing really really tiny things. 

From there my family moved to Dubai, where I spent my first four years of school attending a very stiff British private school. When my parents decided they couldn't handle the heat anymore we moved to Vancouver, Canada. 

At 21, after completing design school I set out on a journey to find my dream job in Southern California. That landed me in a boutique design agency in the OC. From there I ended up doing graphic and visual design as well as art and creative direction for retail and non profit organisations.

After 6 years in Los Angeles my fiancé and I packed our bags and headed for a year long trip through South East Asia. Once our year of early retirement was up we decided to settle down in Melbourne, Australia. There I fell in love with digital design, strategy, UX and best of all sketching smart ideas for the web. 

After almost 3 years abroad and a cross country road-trip I'm back in sunny Venice, California. When I'm not at work I love to cook, illustrate recipes and garden. I also run a small etsy shop where I sell some of my more crafty hobbies.



I'm currently available for new freelance and full-time opportunities. You can contact me at:

310 625 2618
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