White Rabbit Beer

The folks at White Rabbit wanted to bring the magic of their brand to the web, so we said farewell to still images and static bunnies. Instead we created a 3D canvas that reacted to the user's mouse, making for an interactive experience in the White Rabbit's magical forest. Secondary pages on the site become a deeper, downward experience as the user digitally enters the warren. 

All visual elements on the site were hand illustrated including beer bottles with wild shroom growths. Google maps terrain view was used to compliment the lush illustrations on the site. The whole site was then optimised for mobile with illustrations that were a bit more data plan friendly. 

Client:  White Rabbit Brewery
Role:  Illustration, Design & UX
Agency:  Hardhat Digital
Recognition:  19th AIMIA Awards - Best Enterprise Website Finalist, The FWA, Designmodo, Awwwards, Oh Beautiful Beer, The Best Designs